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When Does Empire Come Back On? – Return Date 2019

Update: Empire returns on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 8:00 PM.

Check out a sneak peak of Empire‘s fifth season:

Don’t miss the fall finale on December 13, 2017.  The fall finale is episode 9 of season 4, “Slave To Memory.” Cookie and Lucious are working together to destroy Diana Dubois.  Cookie warned Lucious that she needs him, the real him, and not Dwight for this mission.  Lucious promised Cookie that he’s back and ready for war.

After Cookie and Angelo broke up, Diana started terrorizing the Lyons and she’s been doing a magnificent job.  Dubois helped Anika get custody of Bella, devastating Hakeem.

When Does Empire Come Back On? Return Date 2018
When Does Empire Come Back On? Return Date 2018

Diana didn’t only hurt Hakeem she also hurt Jamal by using Warren.  Jamal was falling in love with Warren and it broke his heart when he found out that he was related to Diana.

Diana got Andre’s doctor to prescribe him the wrong meds.  This led Andre to think that a woman named Pamela Rose existed and he was convinced that he murdered her.

When Does Empire Come Back On? Return Date 2018
When Does Empire Come Back On? Return Date 2018

The video below shows Thirsty and the Lyons strategizing.  Lucious suggests that they use music to take down Diana:


The following video shows Andre singing and it looks like he pretends to have a breakdown as a part of the Lyons plan to take Diana down:

Andre is extremely smart and he’s all about his business but I would love to see record more music.  He has a voice just as beautiful as Jamal’s and I want to hear some tracks featuring all the Lyon brothers.
Now that Lucious is back, the Lyons no longer need Uncle Eddie.  In the video below, the Lyons throw Uncle Eddie a going away party:

In “Slave To Memory” we’ll also see Shine trying to protect his secret.  Andre is not himself and could end up admitting that he tried to kill his father.  If he comes clean, he’ll most likely snitch on Shine.

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