What Does Treyway Mean? 6IX9INE

6IX9INE is constantly saying “TreyWay” (Tr3yway) to give his manager a shout out.  TreyWay is a member of the Nine Trey Gangstas, a Blood set that arose in Rikers Island.  They chose the name Nine Trey because they formed in 1993.

Billboard reports that Trey Way was being investigated for two separate shootings in New York City.  During 6IX9INE’s beef with The Game TreyWay made it clear that he had 6IX9INE’s back by any means necessary.  The following video shows Tr3yWay calling out The Game and J. Prince Jr.  He also calls out Game’s right hand man Wack 100:

Treyway calls out The Game for his previous beef with 50 Cent.  Trey also reveals that J. Prince Jr. was in a sneaker shop with Tekashi and didn’t do anything.

The following pic shows Treyway and Tekashi 69:

Treway 6IX9INE
Treyway 6IX9INE

Treyway made an appearance on Angie Martinez’s radio show during 6IX9INE’s interview.  He is Tekashi’s voice of reason during the interview.  Nas comes up and Tekashi nearly disrespects the legendary rapper.  Luckily Trey is there to save the day.

Initially, Tekashi is unable to name a Nas song but then Trey reminds him that he plays Nas all the time.  Tekashi then remembers Nas’ classic “If I Ruled The World” thanks to Treyway’s assistance.

Check out Tekashi’s full interview with Angie Martinez:

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