Trayvon Newsome Instagram

Trayvon Newsome’s Instagram name was @TayTrayAK_47 but his account was deleted.

Trayvon was the final suspect in the XXXTentacion murder case and law enforcement finally caught him.  Rolling Stone reports that Trayvon surrendered himself to the Fort Lauderdale police through his lawyer.

Newsome is 20-years-old and was charged with robbery with a deadly weapon and first degree murder.

Trayvon Newsome Instagram
Trayvon Newsome Instagram

XXXTentacion’s friends and family can rejoice now that Newsome is behind bars.  Although we would all rather have X back, capturing the people who killed him provides a sense of closure to this tragic situation.

The following tweet explains that Newsome was one of the alleged triggermen in the homicide of X:

Newsome and Michael Boatwright were the apparent gunmen in the shooting but all four conspirators can be charged with murder.  Think twice before you conspire with others to commit a crime. 

The other two suspects, Dedrick Williams and Robert Allen may not have wanted X murdered but they can be found guilty of any crimes committed in furtherance of the crime.

The tweet below shows Newsome’s mugshot:

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