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Stassia Thomas – Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Stassia Thomas is Marcus Black’s new girlfriend on Love and Hip Hop HollywoodBrooke Valentine is working hard to get Marcus back but Marcus is falling in love with Stassia.

It’s funny how fast things change.  On the last season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Brooke was just in a relationship with Daniel “Booby” Gibson and now she’s begging Marcus for another chance.

Stassia recently shared the pic below on Instagram:

Stassia Thomas Marcus Black Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Stassia Thomas Marcus Black Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

Although Marcus and Stassia seem happy together, Stassia is questioning the status of their relationship.  Stassia told Marcus that she might be pregnant and she didn’t like his reaction.

Stassia runs her own clothing line called the Stassi Collection.  The collection features jumpsuits, jackets, dresses and more.

The following tweet calls Stassia out for having to ask Marcus if they were official.  Marcus doesn’t seem like he’s sure about his relationship with Stassia and Brooke is making things more complicated.

The tweet below explains that Brooke is better than Stassia but men always downgrade.  I disagree.  Stassia doesn’t play the games that Brooke plays so Marcus should stick with Stassia.

What do you think about Stassia Thomas? Will her relationship with Marcus last? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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