Shannon Watts – Husband Kills Wife

Chris Watts is the husband of Shannon (Shanann) Watts.  He confessed to killing Shannon but claims he did so after he witnessed her strangle their daughter, Bella on a baby monitor.

Shannon was 34 and worked as a promoter for Le-Vel.  Her LinkedIn profile reveals that she also worked as a Human Resource Specialist at Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Shannon started working at the hospital in 2013.

The tweet below explains that Chris is accusing Shannon of harming Bella who he saw sprawled out.  He also claims that Shannon was strangling their other daughter, Celeste:

People reports that Chris was allegedly cheating on Shannon before killing his family.  Shannon was 15-weeks pregnant with the couple’s third child.  Chris has been charged with the first-degree murders of Shannon, their daughter Bella and their daughter Celeste.

Shannon Chris Watts
Shannon Chris Watts

Chris’ lawyer will most likely argue that witnessing his wife kill his daughters was adequate provocation.  If this argument is successful, Chris’ murder charges could be reduced to manslaughter or second-degree murder.  In Colorado, “heat of passion” killings are a form of second-degree murder. 

US Magazine explains that Chris claims that he admitted to an affair leading Shannon to kill their two daughters.  The tweet below explains that it’s difficult to believe Chris after he hid his daughter’s bodies:

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By Jason John

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