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Rap Up reports that Teyana Taylor brought out Jeremih’s baby mama, Rachel Leigh during the Chicago stop of her tour:

Last week, Taylor quit Jeremih’s tour and now she’s being petty.  The following video explains why Taylor and Jeremih decided to part ways recently.

Complex explains that Taylor called Jeremih lazy and claims that she was mistreated:

Jeremih clapped back, explaining that she helped Taylor on her new album and he says she has been ungrateful.

Rachel Leigh Jeremih Baby Mama
Rachel Leigh Jeremih Baby Mama

The following Instagram post shows Rachel and her adorable son:

Black Ink Crew Chicago is back and better than ever! In the first episode of season 3 we see Rachel Leigh, Ryan’s former bae.  Ryan and Rachel are giving their relationship another chance.  The following tweet shows that not everyone is feeling Ryan and Rachel’s relationship.  Do you think she’s back with him because of his success?

The episode is titled “The New Barack and Michelle Obama” because Ryan feels like he finally got his Michelle back.  Ryan may think he’s the president but no one at the shop is listening.  He’s constantly screaming at his employees and he had to fire Danielle.

Ryan Henry’s baby mama is his ex-girlfriend, Rachel Leigh.  The couple sadly broke up after she gave birth to their adorable son Mason.  After her relationship with Ryan ended she had another son with singer, Jeremih.  Rachel and Jeremih were in a relationship from 2011-2012 but then they broke up.  Rachel is the mother of Jeremih’s son, Grey.


Jeremih and Rachel had a horrible custody battle that started in 2014.  Rachel called Jeremih a deadbeat explaining that Ryan was Grey’s father figure.  We saw Ryan and Grey’s relationship on the first season of Black Ink Crew Chicago.  Jeremih’s career recently took off.  I’ll As a result, the signer has been busy and if Rachel wasn’t willing to work with his schedule it would be difficult for him to spend time with his son.

Ryan Black Ink Chicago Baby Mama
Ryan Black Ink Chicago Baby Mama

Rachel and Ryan made it obvious that they were still in love throughout the show’s first season.  That’s most likely why Ryan doesn’t mind being Grey’s father figure.  Ryan has seen it all.  He grew up on the streets of Chicago where his sister and niece were murdered.  His sister, Nova Henry and her infant daughter, Ava were both shot to death by former Chicago attorney Frederick Goings.

Frederick Goings, Nova Henry, Daughter Ava RIP
Frederick Goings, Nova Henry, Daughter Ava RIP
Nova was the ex-girlfriend of former NBA basketball player, Eddy Curry and Ava was their daughter together.  Nova hired Frederick to handle her child support case against Curry but later fired Frederick.




Mia Burks, Carmelo Anthony’s Baby Mama

Ryan Henry is not Mia Burks’ baby father.  In episode 9 of Black Ink Crew Chicago‘s third season, “I Like My Tamales Real” Cobra tells Ryan about the rumor that he’s Mia’s baby father.  Ryan gets upset, explaining that he doesn’t need anymore drama in his life.  Him and Rachel are back together and Ryan is happy.  Ryan says he was in a relationship with Mia a long time ago.
Mia Burks Carmelo Anthony Baby Mama
Mia Burks Carmelo Anthony Baby Mama

In the season 2 premiere “The Nicki Minaj of 9Mag” we see Ryan step up after his staff begins taking advantage of him.  When you have been through as much as Ryan being disrespected can be really frustrating.  Don’t miss the next episode of Black Ink Chicago!




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