Reggie Bush Wife Pics – Compared to Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel’s show on Thursday and she asked Kim Kardashian, “Do you think it’s a coincidence that Reggie Bush’s wife looks like you? I don’t.” Scroll to the end of this article to see the hilarious interview.  Bush married Armenian dancer, Lilit Avagyan on July 12, 2014.

Kim Kardashian ignored Lawrence’s question, responding, “I thought this was gonna be fun.” Lawrence quickly changed the subject by telling Kim that she has been obsessed with her for a very long time.  Jennifer then asked Kardashian if she could remember the first time they met.

Reggie Bush Wife Kim Kardashian
Reggie Bush Wife Kim Kardashian

Kim remembered that the first time she met Jennifer was in a hotel lobby in New York.  Kim and Kanye were getting on an elevator and from across the lobby, Jennifer screamed that she was a fan of Kim’s show.

Reggie Bush Wife Kim Kardashian
Reggie Bush Wife Kim Kardashian

Jennifer is a true fan of the Kardashian family.  Lawrence recently joined the Kardashian family for dinner and Kim’s mom, Kris got drunk.  A video is shown of Jennifer and Kris dancing.  Jennifer then reveals that she got naked in Kim’s mom’s closet and she told Kim to dress her.  Kim actually started her career as a celebrity stylist.  She initially gained fame as Paris Hilton’s stylist.

Reggie Bush Wife Kim Kardashian
Reggie Bush Wife Kim Kardashian
Does Jennifer Lawrence have a crush on Kim’s bae Kanye West? Lawrence revealed that she told Kim that she wanted Kanye to style her.  Kim went to grab Kanye but when she got back to the closet Lawrence didn’t have any clothes on.  Kim then told Kanye not to come upstairs.  Was this all fun and games or does Jennifer Lawrence have a crush on Kanye West?

Jennifer Lawrence Live

Jennifer Lawrence needs her own talk show.  While she’s a highly skilled actress, Jennifer has a personality that is perfect to host her own talk show.  Lawrence is making big bucks as an actress but Oprah Winfrey proves that you can earn just as much money as a talk show host.

Do you think Reggie Bush’s wife looks like Kim Kardashian? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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