Paula Duncan – Manafort Juror (Video)

Paula Duncan, a juror on the Paul Manafort case, appeared on Fox News.  She revealed that one juror held out so Manafort was not found guilty on all 18 counts.

The juror’s decision allowed Manafort to narrowly escape an estimated 305 year prison sentence.  Raw Story reports that the identities of the jurors was not revealed by the judge but once the trial is complete, jurors are free to discuss the case.

The tweet above shows a picture of Duncan in a MAGA hat.  Despite her support for President Trump, she still voted to convict Manafort.  Insider explains that Manafort was ultimately convicted on eight counts.  

The tweet above explains that the judge declared a mistrial on the 10 other charges Manafort faced.  NBC reports the prosecutors have until August 29 to determine what they’ll do about the mistrial charges.

Paula Duncan Paul Manafort Juror
Paula Duncan Paul Manafort Juror

Duncan revealed that the other jurors tried to convince the hold out juror but unlike Michael Cohen, she refused to break.

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti shared the tweet below, comparing Manafort to Michael Cohen:

President Trump recently praised Manafort for his bravery and refusal to break.  Many believe that the president will pardon Manafort.

In the tweet below, the president insults Michael Cohen, calling him a bad lawyer:

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