NBA Youngboy Girlfriend – IG Name, Jania Bania Jackson


Jania has multiple Instagram accounts.  The following screenshot shows a message from her @n4.n44_ account:

Jania’s Instagram username is @pretty.janiaa.  She recently created the page and doesn’t have many pictures up.

In the following Instagram post NBA Youngboy’s girlfriend Jania explains what happened to her eye:

The disturbing video below shows NBA Youngboy slamming Jania to the ground.  He was arrested in Florida and this video won’t help him prove his innocence:

NBA Youngboy’s girlfriend, Jania, does not have an Instagram account.  Her Twitter username is @JaniaaBaniaa.  The Instagram posts below show the Internet’s reaction to NBA making Jania sleep in the lobby of a hotel while he cheated on her with another woman.  The next day, NBA took Jania shopping and spent thousands on her at the Louis Vuitton store.

Jania is unbothered by the pic and explained that she’s 17-years-old and doesn’t live at home with her mother like the person who shared the photo.

NBA Youngboy Girlfriend Sleeping In Hotel Lobby
NBA Youngboy Girlfriend Sleeping In Hotel Lobby

Here’s a pic of Jania after NBA took her on a shopping spree:

NBA Youngboy Takes Jania On A Shopping Spree
NBA Youngboy Takes Jania On A Shopping Spree

In the video below, NBA Youngboy’s fans are seen trying to drag Jania off stage because they’re jealous.

In the tweet below, Jania explains that she doesn’t have an Instagram account:
NBA Youngboy Girlfriend IG Name
NBA Youngboy Girlfriend IG Name

Check out Jania’s response to the hotel worker that shared the pic of her sleeping in the hotel lobby:

NBA Youngboy has to stop disrespecting Jania.  They are a young couple but the habits they start practicing when they’re young eventually turn to old habits.  Rumors suggests that NBA is abusive.  If he is, it’s only a matter of time before Jania gets fed up and files charges.  The last thing Youngboy needs is more legal trouble.

NBA was recently spotted in the studio with Birdman.  I hope NBA learns from Lil Wayne’s situation and avoids doing business with Baby.  It’s great to see Birdman in the studio.  The music mogul has been dealing with multiple lawsuits including a $12 million foreclosure on one of his homes and an office space in Miami.  This could explain why he hasn’t been able to pay Lil Wayne.  Rick Ross called Birdman out about the situation. Talking about kicking someone when they’re down:

What do you think about NBA Youngboy making his girlfriend sleep in the lobby of a hotel? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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