Michael J. Fox Dead? – 2018 Hoax?

Michael J. Fox is not dead.

In August of 2018, a death hoax surfaced claiming that the actor passed away due to Parkinson’s disease.  The fake news article went viral on social media leading Fox’s fans to panic.

Michael J. Fox Death Hoax
Michael J. Fox Death Hoax

The fake news article was written on a fake Yahoo News website and the author is listed as Jennifer Singleton.  It was shared nearly 200,000 times on Facebook and 213 times on Twitter:

Michael J. Fox Death Hoax
Michael J. Fox Death Hoax

The tweet below explains that Michael J. Fox did not die and reminds us how important it is to do a fact check.  Fake news is a serious problem.  Fox’s family members most likely panicked after seeing the news.  

The following pic shows Fox alongside his wife, Tracy Pollan.  The couple got married in 1988.  They met on the set of Family Ties.  Fox played Alex P. Keaton in the TV series and Pollan played his girlfriend.

Fox and Pollan have four kids together.

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Don’t count Michael J. Fox out.  In 2000, the actor formed an organization to find a cure to Parkinson’s.  The Michael J. Fox foundation has raised more than $800 million from donations.

By Jason John

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