Kyle Thomas – Brandon, MS

Kyle Thomas of Brandon, MS is the man who was caught on video calling a black woman the N-word.  The incident occurred at a donut shop in Flowood, MS.

WJTV reports that Thomas was employed by the Mississippi Baptist Medical Center.  Scroll down to see the disturbing video.

Kyle Thomas Brandon MS
Kyle Thomas Brandon MS

Heavy explains that Thomas was a radiology tech but the hospital has fired him.  The following tweet explains that President Donald Trump can get away with racism but people like Thomas cannot.

The tweet below explains how idiotic Thomas was to continue speaking after someone started recording:

Thomas is 35.  He quickly deleted his social media accounts after the video went viral.  He issued an apology on his Facebook page before deleting it but the damage is done.

Bishop Talbert Swan explains that the incident was related to some doughnuts.

Thomas called the employee the N-word and the B-word.  It will be difficult for the radiology tech to find future employment.  Social media is unforgiving as proven by the following tweet:

Kyle Thomas reminds us that racism springs from ignorance.  It’s getting worse because of a lack of moral leadership.  We have to do better.

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