Is David “Bread” Katz Or Derek Jones The Jacksonville Shooter? Madden

Numerous people on social media claim that David Katz or Derek Jones is the Jacksonville shooter.  David Katz has been confirmed as the shooter.

Rick Leventhal of Fox News has confirmed that David Katz was the shooter:

David “Bread” Katz

The image above shows David “Bread” Katz.  In 2017, Katz won a Buffalo Bills Madden tournament.

The tweet above features a video commentator who explains that Katz is a serious individual who didn’t plan on making any new friends.

The tweet above claims that David Katz shot up the Madden tournament because he lost.

The tweet above shows an account Katz allegedly ran.

Derek Jones

While some believe that David Katz was the shooter, the tweet below mentions Derek Jones.

The tweet below explains that Jones has been suspended from Twitter:

RIP Trueboy Madden

Trueboy was one of the individuals who was shot and killed at the Madden tournament.

The tweet below shows a picture of Trueboy smiling before being shot and killed:

The tweet below explains that Bread allegedly lost to Trueboy and he couldn’t handle the trash talking.  That’s no excuse to take someone’s life.

Daily Snark reports that 4 were killed and 11 injured.  The incident took place at Jacksonville Landing at the GLHF Game Bar.

Daily Beast explains the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is trying to determine if the suspect was the lone shooter.

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By Jason John

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