Is Aretha Franklin Sick? Hospitalized?

Yes, Aretha Franklin is sick.  Showbiz 411 was the first media outlet to report the news.

The Daily Mail reports that the singer is “gravely ill.” This isn’t the first time Franklin has allegedly experienced serious health issues so it’s difficult to determine if the story is true.

According to Newsone, Franklin is in the hospital surrounded by her family and friends.  She is 76 and her loved ones are asking for prayers and privacy.

Previous rumors about Aretha Franklin’s Health:

Multiple people on Twitter and our friends at Fameolous are reporting that Aretha Franklin is currently in the hospital.  We’ve already lost several entertainers in 2017 so I’m praying for Franklin to pull through.  On November 19, 2017, music legend, Della Reese passed away.  She was 86-years-old.


2010: Aretha Franklin diagnosed with cancer?

In 2010, Aretha Franklin was diagnosed with an illness that many believe was pancreatic cancer.  The singer had surgery and we didn’t see her for a few months.  Then, she re-emergeed after losing 85 pounds and continued to entertain us with her beautiful voice.

Is Aretha Franklin Sick? Hospitalized?
Is Aretha Franklin Sick? Hospitalized?
Many, including the Rolling Stone consider Franklin the greatest singer of all-time.  Aretha is truly a gift from God.  She is the reason why some of the most popular singers ever, including Whitney Houston, wanted to sing.

Listen to Aretha’s classic song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”:

Aretha Franklin is as real as it gets.  She put everything she has been through into her music.  Franklin was born on March 25, 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee.

When Aretha was 2, her family moved to Buffalo, New York and when she was 5 they moved to Detroit, Michigan, where she grew up.  Sadly, Aretha’s mother died when Aretha was 9-years-old.

Franklin was born to be a singer.  Her mother played the piano but that’s not how Franklin learned to play.  Aretha learned to play the piano by ear after her mother passed away.

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