Is 50 Cent “Kanan Stark” Really Dead On Power? Leaving? (Spoilers)

Yes, 50 Cent aka Kanan Stark is really dead on Power.  Tasha (Naturi Naughton) set him up by planting a gun in his car and then reporting Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) missing.

Kanan went out with a bang, literally.  He shot multiple cops before getting shot twice.  He tried to get away but died after stealing a police car.

50 Cent Kanan Stark Dead On Power
50 Cent Kanan Stark Dead On Power

Is 50 Cent Leaving Power?

50 Cent is the Executive Producer of Power and will most likely continue his work on the series.  He’s a busy man so he probably opted to have his character killed off.

Why Did Tasha Want Kanan Killed?

The tweet below explains that Tariq could be Kanan’s biological son.  That could be why Tasha wanted Kanan killed.

Kanan would have taunted Ghost back when they were beefing if he knew he was Tariq’s father.  Tasha would have also taunted Ghost about having a baby with Kanan.  Ghost broke Tasha’s heart when he left her for Angela.

The following tweet suggests that this may be the last season of Power.  Do you agree? Let us know in the comment section below.

Get The Strap

50 Cent is officially in love with the phrase “get the strap.” He said it to Tariq in his last episode of Power and his new single, “Get The Strap” was heard at the end of the episode.

Check out the “Get The Strap” video:

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