Deborah Joy Winans Parents

Deborah Joy Winans is the talented actress who plays Charity Greenleaf-Satterlee.  She graduated from Wayne State University and has been pursuing her acting career ever since.  On the show, she plays the daughter of Bishop James (Keith David) Greenleaf.  Charity and her husband, Kevin (Tye White) are expecting a baby but he’s attracted to men!

Greenleaf is not the only project that the Detroit-native has been featured in lately.  Atlanta Magazine explains that the actress and her brother, Juan, played their aunt and uncle, CeCe and BeBe in “Born For This” at the Alliance Theatre earlier this year.  While we’re sure CeCe and BeBe are proud of their niece and nephew, no one’s prouder than their parents, Carvin and Cherie.

Deborah Joy Winans Parents
Deborah Joy Winans Parents

Carvin Winans

The Instagram post below shows Deborah and her father.  Carvin wishes his talented daughter a Happy Birthday:

Here’s everything you need to know about Joy’s accomplished father:

  • He was born on March 5, 1958.  
  • Him and his twin brother, Marvin, were the third and fourth siblings of David and Delores Winans.  
  • In 1975 he teamed up with his brothers, Ronald, Michael and Marvin to form “The Winans.” 
  • In 2007 he was inducted in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, along with his brothers.
  • In 2008 he received the President’s Merit Award from the Recording Academy for his extraordinary contributions to gospel music

Cherie Winans

  • Deborah is her only child.
  • She attended Centennial College.
  • She has worked with Sony Music Canada, BMW Group Canada and Corus Entertainment.

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