Cassandra Cline – Sea Pines Alligator Killing

Cassandra Cline is the woman who was sadly killed by an alligator at the Sea Pines Plantation in Hilton Head, SC.  She was 45.

CBS reports that Cline was trying to protect her dog and that’s when the alligator attacked her instead.  Alligators usually stay in the water where they are comfortable and rarely leave the water for their prey.

Witnesses explain that the alligator pulled Cline under the water around 9:30 AM. The 8-foot alligator was later found and euthanized.

Alligator attacks are gruesome but the tweet below explains that they are extremely rare:

The reptile was trying to attack Cline’s dog which escaped unharmed.  According to Heavy, alligators are often seen in Sea Pines.

Cassandra Cline Sea Pines Alligator Attack
Cassandra Cline Sea Pines Alligator Attack

A maintenance worker witnessed the attack and tried to help.  He was unable to match the alligator’s strength and the reptile pulled her underwater.  Cline’s body was recovered but she sadly died at the scene.

The video below explains that Cline and her dog got too close to a lagoon.  The alligator made contact with Cline’s dog leash and dragged her 14 feet.

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By Jason John

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