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Beebo Russell posted his last Facebook update on July 23, 2017.  The post shows him and his wife, Hannah Russell’s 12-day trip to France:

The following video was uploaded to YouTube by Beebo Russell aka Richard “Rich” Russell:

Beebo doesn’t have any public videos on his YouTube page.  The video above requires a direct link to access it.

This article celebrates the life of Beebo Russell, the 29-year-old who stole and crashed the Seattle plane.  You know a good person when you hear one and Beebo was a good guy.  Russell’s last words were heartfelt.  He explained that he had a lot of people who care about him and he apologized for disappointing them.

Beebo Russell
Beebo Russell

The Sun explains that Beebo described himself as a “broken man.” Anyone who has dealt with depression can relate to his harsh words about himself.  Beebo loved the Q-400 plane that he ended up stealing.  The following tweet shows a logo he designed in 2017.  Rich mentions the Q-400 in the design:

The tweet below shows a statement from Beebo’s family.  It explains that he was a “warm, compassionate man.” He was a loving husband and son and a reliable friend.  One of his childhood friend’s explained that Beebo was loved by everyone because of his kind demeanor.

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