Azealia Banks DC Young Fly (Video) Wild N Out

 The video below shows DC Young Fly make Azealia Banks cry on Wild ‘n Out.

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The Instagram post below shows Masika Kalysha’s response to DC Young Fly’s comments.  Azealia didn’t waste any time clapping back at Masika:

The response above proves that Azealia loves throwing shade at people.  It’s difficult to take Banks serious considering how mean she usually is.  She has called out numerous celebrities and she has no filter.

Check out Masika’s response:

The tweet below calls Azealia out for her horrible performance on Wild ‘n Out.

The following tweet explains that Banks ruined the mood on her episode of Wild ‘n Out:  

DC Young Fly chose to compare Banks to Cardi B, a rapper Banks has insulted on multiple occasions.  She has made it clear that she doesn’t think Cardi B is worthy of the best female rapper alive title.

The Source reports that Banks called DC Young Fly out for making “anti-black” jokes.

DC Young Fly
DC Young Fly

The tweet below explains that DC will most likely clap bank at Azealia instead of apologizing.

The comedian loves roasting celebrities.  He recently made fun of Taraji P. Henson for looking like Michael Jackson:

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