Ariana Grande Pastor – Aretha Franklin Funeral

Bishop Charles H. Ellis III was the pastor who many believe was too close to Ariana Grande at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

Ariana performed Aretha’s hit song “A Natural Woman” at the event but it was the awkward exchange between her and Bishop Charles H. Ellis III that broke the Internet.

Ariana Grande Pastor Bishop Charles H. Ellis
Ariana Grande Pastor Bishop Charles H. Ellis

The video below shows that the bishop’s hand may have been a bit too close to Ariana’s goodies:

The following tweet highlights the fact that the incident occurred on live television.  That could be proof that it was a honest mistake by the Bishop Ellis.  Why would he grope Grande on live television?

The tweet below explains that Bishop Ellis told Ariana that he thought she a new menu item at Taco Bell:

Many were worried about Ariana Grande’s dress, complaining that it was inappropriate for a funeral.  The tweet below explains that the bishop’s grope was more important than Grande’s dress:

Along with the bishop’s interaction with Grande, Bill Clinton’s admiration for the singer also broke the Internet:

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By Jason John

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