Andrew Gillum Wife R. Jai Howard

R. Jai Gillum (born R. Jai Howard) is Andrew Gillum’s wife.  Andrew won the Florida governor primary election and will face Trump-endorsed, Republican Ron DeSantis in November’s general election.

How Old Is R. Jai Gillum?

R. Jai is 40 and her Andrew Gillum is 39.  Back in 2016, R. Jai shared the following tweet wishing Andrew a Happy Birthday:

Earlier this year, Andrew shared the following Facebook post explaining that he spent his 39th birthday with his best friend: R. Jai:

Andrew Married R. Jai In 2009

R. Jai And Andrew's Wedding
R. Jai And Andrew’s Wedding

R. Jai and Andrew attended FAMU together where they both participated in student government.  They didn’t start dating until a few years later.  The image above is from their May 24, 2009 wedding.

R. Jai Works For The Florida Dental Association

R. Jai Gillum Florida Dental Association
R. Jai Gillum Florida Dental Association

R. Jai’s LinkedIn page reveals that she’s the Florida Dental Association’s Director of Foundation Affairs.  She graduated from FAMU with a Biology degree and initially planned to attend graduate school to become a dentist but she changed her mind.

R. Jai decided to major in public policy and in 2006 she earned her MPH (Master of Public Health).  After graduating, she worked for the Boys and Girls Club as a Development Coordinator.

R. Jai x Angela Rye

The tweet above shows R. Jai with Angela Rye.  The tweet explains that Gillum made history by pulling off his upset victory.  He could become Florida’s first black governor!

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