Akbar Abdul-Ahad Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Akbar Abdul-Ahad is Teairra Mari’s new boyfriend.  He was recently seen on an episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and seems overprotective.

Although they were dating when the show was filmed, Akbar and Teairra recently broke up.  Teairra is suing Akbar for allegedly leaking a revealing video.  Hollywood Life reports that Teairra accused Akbar of taking over her social media accounts and leaking the video on her Instagram account.

Akbar Abdul Ahad Love and Hip Hop Hollywood
Akbar Abdul Ahad Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

50 Cent posted a revealing pic of Teairra on his Instagram account so Teairra hired Lisa Bloom to sue 50 and Akbar.  50 dodged a bullet.  The judge ruled that since he wasn’t the first person to post the content, the post doesn’t fall under revenge porn.

Akbar is definitely controlling.  We see him get upset at Teairra for attending a party.  Akbar doesn’t want Teairra spending time with Nikki Mudarris because he thinks she’s a bad influence.

The Jasmine Brand reports that Akbar is married and Teairra knew it when she started dating him.  Akbar’s wife, Sade is a fashion designer in Atlanta.  They have been married for nearly five years.

Akbar was a talented basketball player.  He attended Idaho State and played point guard.

Akbar Abdul-Ahad
Akbar Abdul-Ahad

The following video provides more information about Akbar’s basketball career along with details about his youth:

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