Geneva Ayala – Instagram, Florida

Geneva Ayala’s Instagram name was @yourl0nelystar but she deleted her account.  Ayala is XXXTentacion’s ex-girlfriend.  The rapper moved into her house in Miami, Florida in 2016.  If Geneva’s claims about XXXTentacion are true, he’ll most likely end up in jail.  Some very disturbing details about the abuse case have emerged.

The following video reveals that Geneva was booted from X’s memorial:

Geneva accuses X of serious and frequent abuse.  Pitchfork exposed the rapper similar to the way BuzzFeed exposed R. Kelly.  The media outlet obtained details from the 142 page deposition which outlines Geneva’s claims.  The testimony was given in January of 2017.  She says that the rapper threatened her life everyday.

Geneva Ayala Instagram Florida
Geneva Ayala Instagram Florida

XXXTentacion Releases New Album ?

X just dropped his new ? on Spotify:

The album features 18 tracks including “SAD!” and “changes” which he dropped 2 weeks ago on YouTube.

Ayala Claims That X Beat Her Up

Ayala claims that the rapper punched, stomped and kicked her.  If his music can be used against him, he’ll most likely lose this case.  I’m sure his lawyers will argue that his music is only entertainment.  Geneva claims that on one occasion, X hit her because she was humming along to another artist’s verse on his song.

The tweet below describes the cult of X followers.  The rapper has some die hard fans who wouldn’t believe the claims against him even if he admitted to them.  X’s cult is similar to R. Kelly’s cult.

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