Who Plays Renee, Cookie’s Mother On Empire? Alfre Woodard

Alfre Woodard plays Renee, Cookie’s mother on Empire.  Woodard is best known for her role as Ruby Jean Reynolds on True Blood.  In episode 14 of Empire‘s fourth season, “False Face” we see a flashback of Renee visiting Cookie in jail.

Cookie and her mother have a complicated relationship.  Cookie is a boss but it can be difficult to get along with her.  Like her father, Cookie’s mother most likely wanted the best for her daughter but Cookie probably refused to listen.

Who Plays Renee Cookie's Mother On Emipire? Alfre Woodard
Who Plays Renee Cookie’s Mother On Emipire? Alfre Woodard

In the video at the end of this article, Renee is seen visiting Cookie in prison.  She tells her daughter, “Of my three girls, you most remind me of myself.” Cookie is not in good spirits and advises her mother not to flatter herself.

We finally find out where Cookie gets her attitude from: “Loretha! Sit your narrow ass down!” Renee screams after Cookie gets up and walks away.  Woodard explains that Cookie has not forgiven her mother and probably never will.

Cookie has too much pride to admit that she needs her mother.  Renee wants to repair her relationship with her daughter but like Cookie, she keeps it real: “I came to you.  You said no.  You left a hole in my heart.”

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