What Did Wendy Williams Say About The Clark Sisters?

Wendy Williams said that The Clark Sisters need to “step up their game.”  The talk show host was discussing Snoop Dogg’s gospel album and asked her audience if The Clark Sisters could be upset about the rapper earning the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart.

That Grape Juice reports that Williams was dragged on social media for insulting The Clark Sisters.  Wendy addressed her comments and Kirk Franklin responded.

What Did Wendy Williams Says About The Clark Sisters?
What Did Wendy Williams Says About The Clark Sisters?

Wendy Invites The Clark Sisters To Perform On Her Show

The video above shows Williams addressing her comments.  She doesn’t apologize but explains that she didn’t mean any harm.  Wendy invites The Clark Sisters to perform on her show.

Kirk Franklin Claps Back At Wendy Williams

Kirk Franklin is one of the many people who clapped back at Wendy Williams after she insulted The Clark Sisters.  In the tweet above, Franklin explains that The Clark Sisters paved the way for artists like him and he doesn’t think he’s on their level.

Gospel Community Claps Back At Wendy Williams

Kirk Franklin wasn’t the only person who responded to Wendy’s comments.  In the tweet above, Michelle Williams explains that The Clark Sisters are one of the most influential groups of all time.  Michelle reminds Wendy that Jay-Z recently sampled the sisters on his hit song “Family Feud.”

Travis Greene shared the following tweet in response to Wendy’s comments:

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