Tania Joyce Benitah Instagram

Tania Joyce Benitah’s Instagram name is @tania_joyce_ but she recently deleted all her posts.  Benitah is the latest woman who claims to have a relationship with Tristan Thompson.

Tania Benitah And Tristan Thompson’s Relationship Started A Few Weeks Before Khloe’s Pregnancy

Tania Joyce Benitah Tristan Thompson
Tania Joyce Benitah Tristan Thompson

It sounds like Tristan didn’t mean to get Khloe pregnant.  If half of his side chicks are telling the truth then Thompson wasn’t taking his relationship with Khloe serious but then he found out she was pregnant.

Tania And Tristan Were Spotted At Infamous NYC Hotel

Hollywood Life reports that Thompson and Tani were spotted at the same hotel Tristan and Lani Blair were seen entering in the above tweet.  When you’re dating a Kardashian, your personal life is exposed to the world and Thompson took the bait.

Tristan Thompson’s Side Chicks

Tania joins Tristan’s long list of side chicks.  From Stephanie Woods to Lani Blair, these women are either lying or the NBA star has a serious problem.

Tania Joyce Benitah’s Parents: “It’s Not True”

Radar Online reports that Benitah’s parents are denying her alleged affair with Thompson but I’m not convinced.  Multiple pictures are Tania and Tristan are being shared on social media.  Tania wouldn’t tell her parents that she was one of Thompson’s side chicks.  Her mother proclaimed that Tania is from a Christian family.  Sorry Mrs. Benitah but that doesn’t mean your daughter didn’t have an affair with Tristan Thompson.

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