Sabrina Claudio Racist Tweets, Ethnicity, Age

Sabrina Claudio is being dragged on social media for racist tweets she made before her rise to fame.  Claudio was born on September 19, 1996 and is currently 21-years-old.

Sabrina Claudio
Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio Race Ethnicity

Sabrina Claudio is a Puerto Rican Cuban American.  Her mother, Minette Santos is Cuban and her father, Damian Luis Claudio is Puerto Rican.  Sabrina’s grandparents were Cubans who emigrated to Havana, Cuba’s capital city.

Sabrina Is Being Compared To Selena Gomez And Camila Cabello

Babe reports that Claudio is being compared to Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello.  Gomez got dragged back in 2016 for belittling the Black Lives Matter movement can Cabello got called out for making racist comments a few months ago.

Sabrina Used The N-Word

People are calling Sabrina out for using the N-word and making negative comments about dark-skinned Latinas.  Claudio shared the tweets on an old Twitter account: @ODamnYourUgly.  A fan called her out regarding the account and Claudio surprisingly admitted that it was her old account and she apologized.

Sabrina Claudio Anti Black Comments

Claudio didn’t stop at the N-word.  She also stated that it must suck to be a black girl without a booty.  The following tweet explains that Claudio also called black women and dark-skinned Latinas ugly:

“Sweaty Chonga”

While most of Sabrina’s comments are from several years ago, the singer called someone a “sweaty chonga” on Instagram a few months ago.  A chonga is a term used to describe a young, aggressive, sexualized Latina.  While some think the phrase is derogatory others don’t see any problem with it:

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