Rannita Williams Shreveport, LA, Johnathan Robinson – Killed On Facebook Live

Rannita Williams is the Shreveport, LA woman who was killed on Facebook Live.  Johnathan Robinson is heard saying he would make Williams famous before killing her.  Heavy posted the disturbing video.

Rannita Williams Johnathan Robinson
Rannita Williams Johnathan Robinson

Johnathan And Rannita’s Conversation

The Miami Herald reports that Rannita “Nunu” Williams is heard saying that her page was blocked so she decided to use share a video using Facebook’s Live feature.  Moments before killing Williams, Robinson says “I’m gonna make you famous.”

Johnathan Robinson Fired 6 Gunshots

He fires multiple shots and Rannita tells him to stop.  Robinson then fires 2 more shots and says “Game over.”

There’s clearly something seriously wrong with Robinson.  He didn’t only warn Rannita that he would make her famous, he also shot her 6 times.  One shot would have left Williams seriously injured or it may have killed her yet Robinson decided to shoot her 6 times.

Second-Degree Murder And Convicted Felon In Possession Of A Firearm

Johnathan Robinson is 36-years-old and has been charged with second-degree murder and convicted felon in possession of a firearm.  KTBS reports that a Shreveport police officer was shot in the wrist before Robinson was captured and taken into custody.

Rannita Was Johnathan’s “Side Chick”


The tweet above explains that Rannita was Johnathan’s side chick and he was upset because she dumped him.  Williams also planned to tell Robinson’s wife about their affair.  This information has not been confirmed.

Mental Health And Domestic Violence

Mental health and domestic violence are serious issues that cannot be ignored.  If you are struggling with mental health issues contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

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