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Keely “The Boss” Hill Net Worth, Bio – Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Keely The Boss appeared on episode 4 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s seventh season, “Do It For Finesse.” The episode shows how she earned her nickname: Keely handles business and her relationships like a boss.

Keely Throws A Drink On K. Botchey

Keely and K. Botchey have a complicated relationship.  They used to be in a committed relationship and K. Botchey is trying to rekindle their bond.  Keely hates being disrespected so when she sees Botchey flirting with girls she calls him out and ends up throwing a drink on him.

No everyone was feeling Keely The Boss:

Keely “The Boss” Hill will appear in season 7 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  She has loved music since she was very young and attended her first Michael Jackson concert when she was 3-years-old.  She explains that her father made her a boss and her mother made her a socialite.  Keely is the full package and can be very intimidating.

Keely The Boss Hill Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Keely The Boss Hill Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Keely The Boss Net Worth: $500,000

Keely The Boss Hill’s $500,000 net worth was earned through her years of hard work in the music industry.  In 2003, she started interning at a radio station in Detroit and a year later she landed an internship at Def Jam.

In the video at the end of this article, Keely explains that she wanted to be on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta because she worked hard to become a music executive, earning platinum plaques along the way.  Keely is the Yandy Smith of #LHHATL.

Keely The Boss Is A Delta

Keely attended Hampton University where she majored in business.  The post above reveals that she’s a Delta.  Mona Scott-Young is doing a great job casting.  The Love and Hip Hop franchise offers a wide variety of different personalities.

Keely Grew Up In Detroit’s Boston Edison District

The video above shows Berry Gordy’s mansion in the historic Boston-Edison neighborhood of Detroit.  Last year, the home sold for $1.65 million.  Keely was Gordy’s neighbor, further proving that she’s a boss.

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