Jennifer Jess, Marissa Bend, OR – My 600-lb Life Update

Marissa Jess and her mother, Jennifer Jess appear on episode 14 of My 600 lb Life‘s sixth season.  They depend on each other and that has led to serious weight issues.  Combined, Marissa and Jennifer weigh nearly 950 pounds.

Before And After Weight Loss Surgery

The pics below show Dr. Nowzaradan’s most recent magic.  Marissa and Jennifer move from Oregon to Houston for the doctor’s help.

Jennifer Jess

Jennifer Jess My 600 lb Life
Jennifer Jess My 600 lb Life

Jennifer is 42-years-old and had a difficult childhood.  Like Alicia Kirgan from episode 3 of season 6, Jennifer’s father struggled with addiction.  She has dark memories of him losing his temper and Jennifer’s mother eventually decided to file for divorce.

Jennifer’s mother remarried but then things got worse.  Her stepfather molested her when she was 7-years-old.  It’s easy to judge the patients on My 600 lb Life but it’s important to consider what they’ve been through.

Marissa Jess

Marissa Jess My 600 lb Life
Marissa Jess My 600 lb Life

Jennifer’s daughter, Marissa Jess is 26 and weighs more than 400 pounds.  In one of the most emotional scenes of the episode, Marissa motivates her mother to walk.  Jennifer is nervous but Marissa refuses to give up.  Marissa wanted to go to the gym but they agree to walk around the neighborhood.

Jennifer Blames Herself For Marissa’s Weight Gain

In the video above, Jennifer explains that she blames herself for Marissa’s weight gain.  While this seems reasonable, I don’t think Jennifer should be so hard on herself.  As explained above, Jennifer had a traumatizing childhood, leading to many of her problems.

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