Jasmine Barkley Instagram, Snapchat

Jasmine Barkley’s Instagram username is @jasmineee_b13.  Her Snapchat username is also jasmineee_b13:

Jasmine Barkley Snapchat Name
Jasmine Barkley Snapchat Name

Barkley is the William Paterson University student being dragged on social media for using the N-word.  She tried to protect her white friend who was insulted for using the N-word while singing Lil Dicky’s song “Freaky Friday” featuring Chris Brown.

Jasmine Barkley’s friend is a student at Penn State.  Patch reports that William Paterson University is investigating the incident.  Penn State and William Paterson released statements regarding the issue.

Jasmine Barkley Instagram
Jasmine Barkley Instagram

Jasmine Barkley Asked If It Was OK To Use The N-Word While Singing “Freaky Friday”

Jasmine Barkley posted a video on social media, asking if it was OK for her to use the N-word while singing “Freaky Friday.” If you know the word is offensive enough for you to have to ask permission to use it, maybe you just shouldn’t use it.

“I Am Not A Racist” -Jasmine Barkley

In the Instagram post above, Barkley explains that she is not a racist.  She apologizes to the people that she offended and says that if words are offensive to a specific race, they shouldn’t be used in music.

“Why One Race Has More Rights To Freedom Of Speech Than Another”

In the Instagram post above, Barkley says that she’s confused because she thinks that black people are allowed to use the N-word whereas white people are not.

Barkley believes in freedom of speech.  She explains that the division between people who can and can’t use the N-word is creating more segregation.

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