Hennessy Carolina Girlfriend Mel, Gay? – Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Wiki

  • Born
    • Hennessy Carolina Almanzar
    • December 22, 1995 (age 22)
    • The Bronx, New York City, New York, U.S.
  • Occupation
    • Fashion Designer

Yes, Hennessy Carolina is gay.  The Instagram post below shows her with her girlfriend Michelle aka Mel.  Hennessy rose to fame as Cardi B’s younger sister but she’s slowly but surely building her own empire.

Hennessy Carolina Girlfriend Mel
Hennessy Carolina Girlfriend Mel

Hennessy Carolina Net Worth: $200,000

Hennessy Carolina’s $200,000 net worth was earned through her career as a fashion designer and reality television personality.  Hennessy has been designing pieces for Cardi for years.  Carolina has also worked with Love and Hip Hop star Bianca Bonnie.

The following video shows Hennessy and Mel enjoying Mexican night.  #RelationshipGoals

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Mexican tonight

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What Does Hennessy Carolina Do For A Living?

Hennessy Carolina is a fashion designer.  The video above shows her interview with Big Boy.  She explains that she was ready to release her clothing line but then a large company in Paris reached out to her to collaborate.  Hennessy hasn’t settled on a name yet but she knows she wants to design unique pieces for men and women.

More #RelationshipGoals from Hennessy and Mel:

Hennessy Carolina Real Name

Yes, Hennessy Carolina is the Bronx native’s real name.  Her father named her Hennessy because it’s his favorite alcohol.  Capital XTRA reports that Hennessy’s father came to the delivery room from a party on the day Hennessy was born.  Him and some friends were drinking Hennessy at the party so told his wife to name their new baby girl Hennessy and she agreed.

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