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Gina On Empire – Three Black Divas, Tisha Campbell Martin

Gina from Martin aka Tisha Campbell Martin appeared on episode 11 of Empire‘s fourth season, “Without Apology.” Gina plays Brooke, a member of the group, Three Black Divas.

Gina On Empire
Gina On Empire

Three Black Divas

Three Black Divas (TBD) was a group signed to Empire Entertainment back in the day.  The group has dirt on Lucious and Empire.  We all know how Lucious operates, so The TBD decide to blackmail him.

Empire Sweatshops

Porsha shows Cookie and Lucious an interview featuring TBD.  The ladies claim that Lucious used to lock them in sweatshops until the delivered a quality track.  The full interview was scheduled to air the next day so Cookie goes to visit the group during one of their performances in the middle of a mall.

TBD Demands An Apology From Lucious

Cookie offers TBD an opportunity to resign with Empire but TBD wants an apology from Lucious.  They schedule a meeting but Lucious refuses to apologize.

Empire ends up buying the record company that TBD has a deal with and Lucious makes TBD apologize to Cookie.  The ladies deliver an amazing performance at an Empire showcase.

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