Erin Popovich Cause Of Death – Gregg Popovich Kids

Erin Popovich’s cause of death: An illness she suffered over an extended period of time.

Deadspin explains that Erin was 67.  Gregg and Erin were married for 40 years.  Erin graduated from Colorado State University while Gregg graduated from the United States Air Force Academy.  Erin’s father Jim Conboy, is an athletic trainer at the Air Force Academy.

Erin Popovich Cause Of Death
Erin Popovich Cause Of Death

Greg And Erin Popovich Kids

Greg and Erin have two kids: A son named Micky and a daughter named Jill.  In 2013, the San Antonio Spurs lost the NBA Championship to the Miami Heat.  Although Popovich had already won 4 championships, he was very upset about losing so Jill had to call him out.

Jill forced her father to consider how ridiculous he was being.  Talented players and coaches have spent decades in the NBA without even making it to the Finals and Popovich now has 5 championships.

Erin Popovich Didn’t Like How Gregg Treated Courtside Reporters

Gregg Popovich is very difficult to interview.  He has 0 tolerance for questions he doesn’t feel like answering and he’s always calling reporters out.  NBC explains that Erin Popovich didn’t like how Gregg treated courtside reporters.  She called Gregg a jerk and told him that people would hate him if he continued being so rude.

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