Brennan Walker, Jerry Zeigler – Retired Firefighter Shoots At Black Teen

Brennan Walker is the black teen who Jeffrey Zeigler shot at after Walker knocked on his door for directions.  The 14-year-old missed the bus and then got lost on his way to school.  He decided to knock on Zeigler’s door for help but then a woman started yelling and asked him why he was trying to break into her house.

Brennan Walker Black Teen Shot At After Asking For Help
Brennan Walker Black Teen Shot At After Asking For Help

Jeffrey Zeigler Came Downstairs And Shot At Brennan

The incident occurred in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  Brennan explains that he saw a man come down the stair of the house and grab a gun.  Walker started running and then heard gunshots.  The Root reports that the man missed and once Walker was far away from the house, he broke down and started crying.

Jeffrey Zeigler Is A Retired Firefighter

Jeffrey Zeigler
Jeffrey Zeigler

The Daily Beast reports that Zeigler is a 53-year-old retired firefighter.  He has been charged with assault with intent to murder.  He chased Walker into the yard before shooting at him.  In 2006, Zeigler was charged with felony assault and sentenced to one year of probation.

Brennan’s Mom Took His Phone

The Shade Room explains that Brennan’s mom took his phone, so he was unable to use it to find his way home.  Walker will never have his phone taken away again! The following tweet reveals that a reporter told Brennan’s mom “Your son almost became a hashtag.”

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