Anita Baker Beef – China Anne McClain Mother

Anita Baker and China Anne McClain are beefing on Twitter.  McClain is best known for her role as Chyna in A.N.T. Farm and she currently plays Jennifer Pierce in Black Lightning.  Her sister, Sierra McClain, plays Nessa on Empire.

Anita Baker Was Rude To China McClain’s Mother

In the tweet above, China explains that her mother, Shontell McClain unfortunately met Anita Baker and she was rude.  This is a bold move by China.  Baker is a Grammy Award-winning artist with major connections.  You shouldn’t make enemies when you’re a young entertainer but China had to stick up for her mom.

The pic below shows China and her mother, Shontell McClain:

China Anne McClain Mother
China Anne McClain Mother

China’s mother complimented Baker’s music and China claims that Baker started yelling at her.

Anita Baker Claps Back

In the tweet above, Anita Baker claps back at McClain.  Baker was trying to maintain a low-profile and Shontell blew up her spot.

Baker explains that she was trying to fill out her passport application when Shontell announced that she was a V.I.P. Baker didn’t stop there.  In the tweet below she advises China to hire a publicist.

In the tweet below, McClain responds to Baker, explaining that her mother is a professional.

Baker had some free time on her hands today.  She responded to China by explaining that her fans are lovely and courteous.

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By Jason John

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