Amour Jayda Lil Baby Cheated With His Baby Mama Instagram

Lil Baby admitted to cheating on Amour Jayda with his baby mama.  His baby mama’s Instagram name is @littlems.golden and her real name is Ayesha.

Amour Jayda Lil Baby
Amour Jayda Lil Baby

Amour Jayda Confused Herpes For Hepatitis C

Amour Jayda Herpes Hepatitis C
Amour Jayda Herpes Hepatitis C

Ayesha posted the screenshot above to prove that Jayda has herpes.  Jayda didn’t know the difference between herpes and hepatitis C.  She shares some of her test results in the following tweet:

Jayda explains that she has never had a STD or disease.  She claims that she doesn’t have a doctor named Williams and reveals that she has never been tested for herpes.

The video below shows Ayesha dragging Jayda on Instagram.  If Jayda has herpes then Ayesha most likely has the STD since they are both sleeping with Lil Baby.  Ayesha tires to clear that up by thanking the rapper for using protection with her.

The pic below was taken by someone at Amour Jayda’s pharmacy and shows her real name: “Jayda Cheaves.”

Jayda Cheaves
Jayda Cheaves

Lil Baby Admits To Cheating On Amour Jayda With His Baby Mama

Vlad TV reports that Lil Baby addressed the cheating rumors on Instagram.  The rapper, whose real name is Dominique Jones, tells Ayesha that there’s no way she can ruin his relationship with Jayda.

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