Who Is Nigel In Tupac Movie – All Eyez On Me?

Actor, Cory Hardrict plays Nigel in the Tupac movie, All Eyez On Me.  Tupac met Nigel in the early 90s on the set of Above the Rim.  Nigel went by the names Jacques Agnant and Haitian Jack.  He was a very dangerous man who was respected throughout the hip hop industry.  Nigel was a drug dealer and a member of Black Mafia.

Nigel introduced Tupac to Trevor, another member of Black Mafia.  The gang allegedly funded Bad Boy Records.  Nigel took Tupac under his wing.  He taught him how to dress and he kept him safe.  In the 90s, Pac went from a background dancer to a gangsta and Nigel definitely helped him make the transition.

Who Is Nigel In Tupac Movie All Eyez On Me?
Who Is Nigel In Tupac Movie All Eyez On Me?

Nigel introduced Tupac to expensive jewelry and the rapper eventually stopped wearing baggie jeans and sneakers.  Nigel tried to get Pac to sign with Bad Boy but the rapper declined.  Nigel was with Tupac on the night the rapper allegedly raped Ayanna Jackson.  She was one of Nigel’s friends.

Nigel drove Tupac and Ayanna to a hotel that night.  A few weeks later she met them at a hotel where she claims they raped her. The following picture shows Ayanna Jackson.  Tupac is also seen in the image:

Ayanna Jackson Tupac
Ayanna Jackson Tupac

Angry Tupac Fans

Many Tupac fans were disappointed with All Eyez On Me.  While the film has its issues, I don’t think the creators meant to disrespect the rapper’s legacy.  Tupac fans are convinced that Lil Xan’s recent comments were disrespectful.  The Source reports that police were needed to escort Lil Xan because angry Tupac fans threatened to beat him up.

What did you think about Nigel in the Tupac movie? Did you enjoy All Eyez On Me overall? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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