Who Is Lana Bazil? – Chadwick Boseman

Who is Lana Bazil? According to Wikipedia, Chadwick Boseman married Bazil in 2013.  Boseman is a very private person.  Black Panther has made him one of the most popular entertainers on the planet and his fans want to know who he’s dating or married to.

Chadwick Boseman Lana Bazil
Chadwick Boseman Lana Bazil

Boseman recently posted a pic of himself with another woman on Twitter leading to numerous rumors.  Twitter user @justchriss_ explained that Boseman is married to Bazil and advised people to stop starting rumors about the Black Panther star.

We recently published an article about Taylor Simone Ledward, the woman Boseman has been spotted with on several occasions in the last few months.  Ledward was by Boseman’s side throughout NBA All-Star weekend.

In 2013, Boseman landed his first major role.  The South Carolina native played Jackie Robinson in 42.  Prior to auditioning for the role, Boseman was going through the ups and downs of Hollywood.

It was difficult to find work so Boseman started directing films in Manhattan, New York.  He considered focusing on directing full-time but luckily he earned the opportunity to play Jackie Robinson.  Boseman’s acting career was resurrected in 2013, did he also get married in 2013?

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By Jason John

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