Trey Songz – DJ Envy’s Wife, Erica Mena

The Internet wants to know why DJ Envy didn’t call out Trey Songz for the comments he made about his wife.  Envy called out Desus & Mero for saying that his wife was only with him because of his money.  The tweet below shows that Trey Songz recently made comments about Envy’s wife and the DJ didn’t do anything.

DJ Envy Trey Songz
DJ Envy Trey Songz

Did Envy call Desus & Mero out for publicity? Like the comedians explained, why didn’t Envy call them out before the interview started.

Envy explained that he didn’t want Charlamagne to joke about the situation so he decided to walk out during the interview.

Trey Songz has tried to prove that he’s about that life throughout his entire career.  Maybe Envy is convinced.

Erica Mena

Envy is also being called out regarding Erica Mena.  For years, people thought that Mena was Envy’s wife.  The DJ cheated on Gia Casey with Erica Mena, explaining why he’s so sensitive about his Gia.

Envy and Gia have discussed his cheating in public but he’s clearly still sensitive about the issue.  Sadly, Envy’s cheating didn’t hurt the DJ, his actions hurt Gia.  She should be the one overreacting when her name is mentioned.

The following tweet explains that Erica Mena disrespected Envy’s wife after he admitted that he cheated with her.  The DJ claims that she’s beneath him and he made a mistake.

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By Jason John

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