Tommie Lee Sister “Versace” – Servachi

Tommie Lee’s sister Servachi aka “Versace” will appear on season 7 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Tommie has been trying to ignore her family drama and focus on her music.  No matter how hard she tries, Tommie just can’t avoid negative energy.  In season 7 we’ll see her deal with Scrapp DeLeon’s mother, Karen King and Tommie will also get into a fight with her sister, Versace.

Tommie Lee Sister Versace
Tommie Lee Sister Versace

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Samantha Wants Tommie And Versace To Reunite

In the video above, Tommie’s mother Samantha tells Tommie that she should reunite with Versace.  Tommie doesn’t agree but then we see her waiting for Versace at a cafe.  Tommie goes crazy and throws a cup at Versace.

Tommie Lee Sister Versace
Tommie Lee Sister Versace

In the following Instagram post, Tommie’s mother tells her followers to follow Servachi:

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Go follow my other daughter , She Is New @Servachi 😘

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In the post below, Samantha says that she looks like Versace:

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Looking like my daughty Versace @servachi

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“Versace Is My Sister But She’s Also A Snitch”

Tommie doesn’t get along with Versace because she says she’s a snitch.  Versace called the police on Tommie and we all know how much Tommie hates the police.  Atasha aka Latisha Jefferson doesn’t need anymore mugshots!

Tommie And Versace Almost Died In A Car Accident

The Instagram post above shows Versace’s adorable son.  When Versace was 5 months pregnant, her and Tommie were in serious car accident.  In an interview with VH1, Tommie explains that her and Versace were on their way back from New Jersey when a metal object dropped off a truck and caused a major accident.  Tommie and Versace almost died but luckily they survived!

Tommie And Her Mother Are Working On Their Relationship

Last year, Tommie and Samantha appeared on The Doctors.  In the following video they read kinds words that they wrote about each other.

Samantha has experienced numerous difficulties throughout her life leading her to neglect Tommie.  Samantha and Tommie made progress but Tommie tries to fight her mother after her sister shows up at the cafe.

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