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Terrence J. Skeen is the Kansas City, Missouri firefighter who is facing charges for calling a 3-year-old a racial slur and spitting on him.  Heavy reports that the incident occurred at a Hooters in Overland Park, Kansas.

A witness revealed that the 3-year-old wandered away from his family and Skeen advised them to “get that little N-word off the floor.”  The police were called and Skeen told them everything was okay because he’s a firefighter.

Terrence J. Skeen
Terrence J. Skeen

Ellen McNamara of KCTV5 shared the following tweet explaining that Terrence Jeremy Skeen has been charged.

The Grio explains that Skeen has been charged with battery, disorderly conduct and assault.  He has a court date on April 3, 2018.

The N-word has been debated for decades.  While people don’t agree about the slur being offensive, everyone should agree that it is wrong to call a 3-year-old any racial slur.  Skeen is 42 and he’s been making headlines because the 3-year-old’s family has been speaking out about the incident.

The boy’s grandfather was disappointed to hear that Skeen was a firefighter.  He took the high road, explaining that we need to pray for people like Skeen.  Public servants are held to high standards therefore racism cannot be tolerated.

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