Tamy Lyn My 600 lb Life

Tamy Lyn will appear on episode 9 of My 600 lb Life‘s sixth season.  She suffered an eating addiction and weighed over 500 pounds when she appeared on the series.  Tamy spent years in a horrible marriage and she’s now a hermit because of shame.

Tamy Lyn My 600 lb Life Update
Tamy Lyn My 600 lb Life Update

Tamy wants to restart her life so she can take care of her son, Zachary.  On the last episode of My 600 lb Life, Robert Buchel.  Sadly, the New Jersey native died while filming his episode of the series.

Tamy was the youngest child in her family.  She has a sister who is 19 years older than her and a brother who is 11 years older than her.  Tamy’s sister was old enough to be her mother.  The substantial age difference between Tamy and her siblings led to Tamy growing up alone with her mom and dad.

As a child, Tamy was the same size as her classmates but socially, she wasn’t the same.  Tamy would get nervous around other children.  She would stutter and the other kids would make fun of her.

Tamy Lyn My 600 lb Life
Tamy Lyn My 600 lb Life

Tamy’s life changed when she was 8-years-old.  Her and her mother were in the kitchen when her father collapsed and had a heart attack.  Tamy’s father passed away and her mother had a difficult time getting over it.  Tamy’s mother fell apart.

She had a hard time getting out of bed and went into a deep depression.  Tamy was a child at home with no one there to take care of her so she turned to food.

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