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Stevie J Danger Zone – Estelita Quintero Vs. Erica Mena Vs. Just Brittany

In season 7 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta we’ll see Stevie J introduce his Danger Zone Music label.  Last season we saw Stevie introduce his new artist, Estelita Quintero and this season we’ll see him try to sign Erica Mena.

Stevie J Estelita Quintero
Stevie J Estelita Quintero

The First Lady Of Danger Zone

Stevie J is the DJ Self of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  Like Self, Stevie promised multiple women that they would be the first female of Danger Zone.  First he promised Estelita that she was the first lady of the label and in season 7 we’ll see him make the same promise to Erica Mena.

Estelita Quintero

Estelita has 20 siblings.  She’s the youngest and her childhood was very lonely.  Quintero has been doing music since she was 6 and she’s determined to succeed.  She’s no longer listening to Stevie’s demands and we’ll see them in multiple arguments throughout season 7 of #LHHATL.

Erica Mena

In the super trailer below, Stevie tells Erica that he’s focused on Danger Zone 2.0 and offers her an opportunity to be the name and face of the label.  These are promises we’ve heard Stevie make to Joseline Hernandez and Estelita Quintero.

Just Brittany

In the video above, Just Brittany calls Estelita out for thinking that she’s the first lady of Danger Zone Latina.  Brittany has been through numerous ups and downs during her time in the music industry so she tries to school Estelita.

Stevie J Claims That He’s Being Extorted

Danger Zone hasn’t been the only thing on Stevie J’s mind.  In the video above, Stevie claims that he’s being extorted.  He won’t be able to focus on building Danger Zone from jail so the producer needs to pay the child support he owes.

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