Stephon Alonzo Clark Facebook – “Tool Bar” Sacramento, Shaun King

Stephon Clark is the 22-year-old who was shot and killed in Sacramento.  The Sacramento Bee reports that he was shot by police on Sunday while he was in the backyard of his grandmother’s house.

Stephon Alonzo Clark
Stephon Alonzo Clark

Clark’s cousin, Sonia Lewis explains that Stephon would go to his grandparents house to help take care of them.  His grandfather is in a wheelchair and it’s difficult for Stephon’s grandmother to take care of him.

Stephon Alonzo Clark Has 2 Kids

Stephon Alonzo Clark Kids
Stephon Alonzo Clark Kids

The Grio reports that Clark is the father of two young children.  Manni, the mother of Clark’s kids, explains that they’ve been asking about their father.  Telling a child that their father is dead is something no wants to do.  Pray for Manni and Stephon’s entire family.

Police Report Claims Shaun Had A “Tool Bar”

On Sunday, the police responded to a complaint about a black male breaking into cars.  A helicopter spotted Clark and informed officers that he was using a “tool bar” to break the window of a car.  There was no tool bar recovered from the scene.

Shaun King Reacts On Facebook

In the Facebook post above, writer, Shaun King explains that the Sacramento Police Department has some explaining to do.  Initially, they claimed that they shot King and denied him first aid because he was armed.  Now they claimed he had a crowbar and now they’re saying he was actually holding his cellphone.

20 Rounds Were Fired

There were 2 officers involved in the shooting.  Each officer shot 10 rounds.  The Sacramento Police Department’s spokesman, Sgt. Vance Chandler explains that he didn’t know how many times Stephon was hit.

Body-Camera Video Will Be Released

Capital Public Radio explains that body-camera video of the incident will be released in the next few days.  Both officers were wearing cameras yet I’m not sure how much the video will help.  Clark’s family wants the officers fired but they will argue that they were acted accordingly considering the information they received from the helicopter pilot.

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