Sky Son Genesis Instagram

Sky’s son Genesis has a private Instagram account: @g_heffner

Sky discusses her broken relationship with Genesis in episode 11 of Black Ink Crew‘s sixth season, “Kim Jong Sky.” He tried to fight her during his appearance on the reality series and Sky is having trouble getting over it.  In Korea, she took her frustrations out on her fellow cast members.

Sky Son Genesis Instagram
Sky Son Genesis Instagram

In episode 12 of Black Ink Crew season 6, “The Book Of Genesis” we’ll see Ceaser have an emotional meeting with Genesis.  Ceaser and Sky are best friends and he’s doing everything he can to help her out.

Genesis is a rapper.  He recently released “Ten Toes” on SoundCloud:

Ceaser and the crew stage an intervention when they get back to New York.  They weren’t happy with Sky’s attitude in Korea and wanted to know what was wrong with her.

Sky has a great relationship with her youngest son, Des, but her and Genesis don’t get along.  Genesis claims that Sky is living a lie on Black Ink Crew and he’s holding a grudge because she gave him up for adoption.

Sky tried to convince Genesis that she was unable to take care of him but he doesn’t believe her.  Genesis’ father, Big Reez exposed Sky explaining that she didn’t have to give him up for adoption.  Big Reez claims that he tried to raise Genesis but Sky refused.

Sky was recently spotted with Safaree Samuels:

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Initially, Sky’s friends are unable to speak to her.  She still has an attitude but then Ceaser talks some sense into her.  Sky apologizes and reveals information about her relationship with Genesis.  Ceaser was the only cast member that knew about Sky and Genesis’ fight.

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