Shabrika Bailey Trevone Boykin’s Girlfriend

Shabrika Bailey is Trevone Boykin’s ex-girlfriend.  They started dating in high school but their relationship is now over.  Yardbarker reports that Boykin is expected to be charged with aggravated assault.

Shabrika Bailey Trevone Boykins Girlfriend
Shabrika Bailey Trevone Boykins Girlfriend

NFL players like Ray Rice, Ray McDonald and Ezekiel Elliott prove that the league must do something to stop domestic violence.  The intensity players use on the field should not be used in their households.

Shabrika Bailey Trevone Boykins Girlfriend
Shabrika Bailey Trevone Boykins Girlfriend

Trevone Broke Shabrika’s Jaw In Two Places

Shabrika Bailey explains that Trevone choked her until she blacked out.  When she woke up she was in a puddle of blood.  Bailey tried to calm him down but was unable to.  She accused Boykin of breaking her jaw in two places.

Shabrika And Trevone Were Arguing Over A Text Message

In the video at the end of this article, Shabrika reveals that her and Trevone were arguing over a text message.  Boykin wanted to see a message on Bailey’s phone but she refused to unlock it.  Shabrika explains that Trevone lost his temper and started beating her.

Shabrika Bailey Trevone Boykins Girlfriend
Shabrika Bailey Trevone Boykin’s Girlfriend

Seattle Seahawks Cut Trevone Boykin

The Seattle Seahawks released Boykin a few hours after Bailey’s allegations surfaced.  The team made the decision to cut Boykin before he was arrested or charged.  The NFL is slowly but surely taking care of its domestic violence issues.  the Seahawks’ decision will send a message to other players.

Trevone Boykin Insists He Is Innocent

In the statement above, Boykin denies Shabrika’s allegations.  He explains that he understands the Seahawks’ decision but says that he wasn’t involved in an altercation with Shabrika.

History Of Trevone Boykin’s Legal Troubles

In 2015, Boykin was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest.  He was still at Texas Christian University and he got into a bar fight one day before his last college football game.

In 2017, Boykin was arrested for possession of marijuana and public intoxication.  Shabrika was driving and Boykin was in the passenger seat.  She ran into a group of pedestrians on a sidewalk and injured eight of them.  Shabrika was charged with felony intoxication assault with a vehicle.

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