Roxanne Shante Nas, Kids, Net Worth

Roxanne Roxanne shows the pivotal role Roxanne Shante played in the hip hop industry.  Decades before 6IX9INE claimed to be the “King Of New York” Shante became rap’s First Lady.  She paved the way for female rappers and she motivated Nas to work on his lyrics.  Scroll down for Roxanne’s net worth and information about her kids.

Roxanne Shante Net Worth
Roxanne Shante Net Worth

Roxanne Shante Net Worth: $600,000

Roxanne Shante’s $600,000 net worth was earned through her career as a rapper and songwriter.  She was born Lolita Gooden on November 9, 1969 and is currently 48-years-old.  She rose to fame at the age of 14 thanks to her hit song “Roxanne Roxanne.”

Roxanne Shante And Nas

In the video below, Roxanne explains that she met Nas outside of her building in Queensbridge, decades before he became a famous rapper.  Nas told Roxanne that he wanted to perform with her and she warned him that if he wasn’t good she would beat him up.

Roxanne drops major keys during her interview with Sway.  She explains that she didn’t tell Nas’ story because that would have blocked her blessings from the universe.  Nas revealed the details of his relationship with Shante.  Roxanne says that she’s blessed because she doesn’t seek accolades for her good deeds.

Roxanne Shante Kids

Roxanne Shante has 4 kids.  The following pic shows her three sons, Chris, Kareem and Randy alongside her daughter Tajze:

Roxanne Shante Kids
Roxanne Shante Kids

The following Instagram post shows Roxanne’s son Chuck:

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Happy Birthday fly since birth

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The post below shows Roxanne and her daughter:

Here’s a throwback pic of Roxanne and her son Kareem:

Roxanne Shante Son Kareem
Roxanne Shante Son Kareem

Here’s another throwback of Roxanne and Kareem:

Here’s a recent pic of Kareem:

Roxanne Shante Son Kareem
Roxanne Shante Son Kareem

In Roxanne Roxanne we see Shante being abused by the father of her first child, “Cross.” He’s a drug dealer and claims that he hits Shante because he loves her.  In one of the saddest scenes of the film, Cross drags Roxanne across the floor.

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