Renee – My 600 lb Life

Renee will appear on episode 11 of My 600 lb Life‘s sixth season.  In the video below she explains that she feels like a prisoner in her own body.  She can’t do anything and can’t go anywhere.  She’s trapped in her room watching the world through her window.

Renee My 600 lb Life Update
Renee My 600 lb Life Update

Renee Is A Former Plus-Size Model

As a plus-size model, Renee was a big is beautiful advocate.  Entertainers like Gabourey Sidibe and Tokyo Vanity have promoted the same message.  While it’s important to be confident about your body, you can’t ignore your health.

Renee let her health deteriorate and weighs more than 600 pounds.  The serious dangers of obesity have been well-documented on My 600 lb Life.

Diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure are just some of the risks Renee is dealing with.  In episode 8 of season 6 we met Robert Buchel who sadly passed away while filming his episode of the series.

Renee Just Wants To Fit Back Into Life

Renee is desperate to fit back into life.  Obesity can make you feel like an outcast especially with all the fat-shaming that takes place on social media.  In the video below, Renee looks outside hew window while a child passes by.  Have your Kleenex ready because this episode looks extremely sad.

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