Power Season 5 Trailer – 50 Cent

50 Cent shared the Power season 5 trailer and broke the Internet! The series returns on July 1, 2018 on Starz.  Check out the trailer:

My Daughter Is Dead And Somebody Has To Pay For It

Power Season 5 Trailer
Power Season 5 Trailer

Somebody has to pay for the death of Ghost’s daughter and I think it should be Tariq but that probably won’t happen.  Tariq is smart is just as sneaky as his father.  If it wasn’t for Tariq’s stupid decision making, Raina would still be alive.

We Are All Responsible

In the trailer, Tasha proclaims, “We are all responsible” and she is exactly right.  It’s easy to blame Tariq for Raina’s death but Ghost and Tasha can also be blamed.

If Ghost didn’t leave his family for Angela he would’ve been able to keep Tariq in check.  If Tasha didn’t fall in love with Terry, she could have kept a closer eye on her kids and saved Raina’s life.

Tommy can also be blamed for Raina’s death.  He makes life more difficult for Ghost.  They are close friends but Tommy is a full time job.  The time Ghost spent with Tommy should have been spent with Raina and Tariq.

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