Melody Mitchell Lalo Yunda – Age, Instagram (Black Ink Crew)

Melody Mitchell and Lalo Yunda are officially my favorite reality series couple.  In episode 13 of Black Ink Crew‘s sixth season, “Project Kitty Kitty Bang Bang” we see Melody meet her father’s side of her family.

Melody Mitchell Lalo Yunda
Melody Mitchell Lalo Yunda

Melody is currently 29-years-old and was born on July 16, 1988 in Tampa, FL.  She’s a Cancer, explaining why she’s so imaginative, emotional and tenacious.  The Black Ink Crew star moved to New York City in her mid-20s with hopes of becoming a successful artist.

Lalo is also a Cancer, explaining why he’s moody, emotional and loyal.  He was born on July 27, 1975 in Colombia and is currently 42-years-old.

They take the absolute best pics:

Lalo’s Instagram name is @lalotattoos and Melody’s is @melodytattoos.  If you’re in New York City visit Lalo’s shop:

House Of Monkey Tattoo

208 N. 6th St.

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Melody keeps it real and if I think VH1 should give her a spinoff.  Her charismatic personality has enabled her to attract a long list of clients and she needs to start thinking about opening her own shop! I’m sure Ceaser would support her.

Melody is constantly looking to grow spiritually and she’s currently developing a stronger relationship with her father’s side of her family.

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